Current “Zugvögel” voluntaries

Jennifer Alanyo

My name is Jennifer Alanyo and I´m 29 years old. I come from a town called Gulu in Northern part of Uganda. I graduated in 2009 with a bachelor degree in Development Studies from Gulu University. I have worked with a number of NGOs in Northern Uganda in areas of Health, Education and village savings and loan projects. Before coming to Germany, I was working at a public library and that is how I got to know about the volunteer service with Zugvögel. I like working with children and this volunteer work will broaden my experience and understanding about children and their special needs. I come from a community that has just come out of 20 years of war (Lord Resistance Army) and they are just starting to build their lives back from the lives they had in Internally Displaced Peoples Camps (IDPC). Education now is their priority but there are few schoools especially for children (Kindergarten/nursery or even child centres). What I would like to gain from this voluntary service is a lot of experience in handling children and how to manage a children centre and who knows maybe someday I can open one in my home town.

I like reading, dancing (traditional/ modern) dances. I like to cook, too. I like taking walks, listening to music and most of all have many friends by the end of my time in Germany. Greetings to all from Gulu and Uganda to all who will are reading this. And those who want to learn my traditional dances you are welcome because I have about 17 different dances for every occassion like weddings, courtship, birth of twins, royal dance and many more. Just take your pick and let me know.

 Yogesh Kumar Jha


I am known as yogesh. Some of my friends call me Yogi as it is my short name. I am from village called Gair Bazaar which is situated in Sarlahi district of eastern of Nepal. I am 23 years old and completed my graduation in Bsc Biotechnology. I have always been working for society especially for the elderly people and children. I talk less but believe on working. My hobbies are cooking, dancing and making friends. I believe in equality and the people who are open minded and ready to share the idea. I am working right now in a care centre for old people which is a really good experience for me. Even though I don't know the language but learning by seeing is helping me a lot. I love working with elderly people because we get the chance to hear the history and most important think the ideology of life. I would like to learn a lot of thing from this cultural exchange. In future I want to be a research scientist and also open a school for children with free studies and care centre for elderly people. Indeed, I believe unity in diversity. Apart from that I want to say that I love challenges.







Mey name is Walid, I am 24 years old and am from Giseny, that's in the northeast of Ruanda on the border to

the republic.

I studied social sciences in secondary school and at the University of Goma. I'm interested in social matters and have been commited in different humanitarian organisations, especially with young people.

My other passion in Hip Hop. I'm part of a group where we compose songs, rap and record videos. the topic is usually social relations and peace in the ugandian society, but at the same time the everyday life of ordinary people. We want to tell the stories of the poor.







My name is Shaban and I was born in 1968. I'm frim Kimisagara, that's a neighbourhood of the ruandian capital Kigali.

In Kimisagara is a organisation of which I work as a volunteer for the last four years:„Espérance - Association des Jeunes sportifs de Kigali“. We work with children and the youth and play with them "football for the peace". That's a nonviolent solution for conflicts through sports - there's no referee, all questions have to be solved by the participants. Apart form that only goals scored by girls count!

I enjoy working with children and young people very much, with a theater ensemble we visit schools in the whole country and show spectacles which are about peace and reconciliation. It"s important to me that the "voiceless" receive their chance to speak.




My name is Azucena, but you can call me Azu, everyone is calling me that way. I'm 21 years old, but my 22 birthday isn't far. I'm from Cayambe in Ecuador and finished an education degree at  the „Universidad Central del Ecuador“ (Central University of Ecuador).

I see myself as a joyfull, sociable, responsible, respectful, honest and easygoing girl but I have even more features that you'll get to know over the time. I like to dance, doing sports and to reed in my free time. I'm one of those persons who like to try new things, to learn and would call myself as a fighter.





César Andrés Martínez Zhañay

My name is César Andrés Martínez Zhañay. I'm 23 years old and come from Cuenca, Ecuadro. I see myself as a person with many dreams and goals, which I want to fulfill. At the moment I study comunication and journalism in Cuenca. In my free time I play the guitar and love to reed lots. I draw small pictures, scribbles I really like.

I call myself a revolutionary. Not only in the political sense, but also in the way I see the world: to fight for the equality of all sexes and the nature. to break the boundaries, which we imposed on ourselves and which let us seem to be different, though we all are equal.

My friends call me "Mante". I like my nickname, which is like a personal signature for them and my aquintances and I would like that you, as my friends, call me that way.

I love to travel. I already was on the road as a backpacker in my country. The experiencea and the interaction with other people shows us the diversity and the soul of a place, which you will never discover watching through the window of a public transport bus. You just recognize silhouettes.

That's me. A ffree person with "wings inside my head". That's the reason they call me a dreamer.



Nass Musemakweti

My name is Nass Muesmakweti and I was born in march 1987. I'm from Kigali, the capital of Ruanda. I enjoy taking part in activities of a youth centres since I'm ten years old. It's interesting to meet people, to share experiences with them and to learn from each other - wheter playful or through discussions. My hobbies are to go to the cinema with friends, playing football or watch it in the television. Once I even participated in a short movie

I like honest and flexible people, but no pessimists. My favourite dish is rice and fish and the favourite drink is milk. I like all kinds of domestic animals, to some extent even porcs.

I know that my future depends on the experiences I accumulate in my live. To meet people all over the world and to work with them can help me to learn how I can realise my dreams. My vision is to become a political journalist. I would like to be a volunteer, because I'm interested in historical events and intercultural exchange. My goal ist to reduce stereotypes and prejudices, which concern the south-north relationship. After my return I would like to promote the volunteerprogram in Ruanda.




Marthe Uwababyeyi

My name is Marthe Uwababyeyi. I'm 23 years old and will celebrate my 24th birthday in september. I'm from Nyamirambi, a neighborhood of Kigali.

I like to sing and dance, especially traditionally ruandian songs and dances. Furthermore it is important to me to listen to other people and respect their oppinion. In high school I played theatre and comedy, some of my hobbies. My favourite food are froots, especially apples. I don't like cats.

I neither like lies nor people acting aggresive. Thinking about my future, I want to become a good role model for younger generations, especially in times of openess and creativity.




Gabriela Valenzuela

Gabriela Valenzuela is 24 years old and comes from Cayambe, a small town in the Northern Andes of Ecuador. Last year she finished her university studies in psychology. She has already worked in various voluntary projects in the educational and cultural areas. Since February Gaby has been living with a host family in the north of Berlin. She works in a workshop where she supports and takes care of people with disabilities. The workshop enganges in carpentry, bicycles and electronics.


Mauro Brito

Mauro is 23 years old and is a native of Baeza, a city located in the Ecuadorian rain forest where he worked as a tourist guide before his departure for Germany. His first cries, just minutes after his birth, revealed extraordinary power and energy and ever since he has been considered a revolutionary, and so he was given the nickname “Che”.

Since January he has been living and working on the “Hof Wörme”, an organic farm that produces according to Demeter standards, and which lies on the outreaches of the heather close to Hamburg. Every morning at six he can be found on the field helping where his hands are needed. By now he has even learned to appreciate German bread - a daily reward at breakfast for getting up so early.