The only precondition for a country to become part of the „Zugvögel“ programme is the existence of sufficent local structures, ensuring that the selection of volunteers, and both their preparation and their final seminar can be conducted independently. Our organization’s members and other Germans should not be envolved. This corresponds to our ideal of an equal and self-determined exchange. Our organization should only take care of the exercises to be done within Germany. We want to grant sending countries the possibility of actively taking part in shaping the programme and take into account personal experiences and regional features.

Every country which has the partner structures named above, can become a sending country. The number of sending countries is only limited by our amount of financial means. We always wish to send at least two volunteers from the same country. Once included in our programme, countries should continue to be represented by new volunteers in the years ahead.

In 2012, Ecuador was the only partner country. In 2013, Rwanda joins the programme; Nepal and Uganda should also be included. Since members of our organization did voluntary services in Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa, Vietnam and India, the growth of our organization should make it possible to establish partnerships for sending volunteers from these countries as well.

Links to our existing partnerstructures:

Partnerstructure in Uganda: VSO Uganda

Partnerstructure in Ecuador:

Partnerstructure in Nepal: Beyond Nepal

Partnerstructure in Ruanda: Akanyoni-Kaguruka