Our Association


Our association was established out of the former existing association „Zugvögel – Aves de paso, Süd-Nord-Freiwilligenaustausch”, which was founded in March 2011 by “weltwärts” volunteers in Ecuador. The goal of the former association was to provide a volunteer service in Germany to young adults from Ecuador.

The demand for a reverse volunteer service was also formulated by other participants of the “weltwärts” programme. In Nepal volunteers founded the association “Sathisanga. Nepalesische.deutsches Freiwilligenprogramm”. In Uganda and Ruanda equivalent structures were build up.

Since fall 2011 the demand increased to merge the existing association and structures to create synergies through less bureaucracy, usage of existing experience and a greater pool of members.

On the 8th January the merger was completed and the new association “Zugvögel, intercultural South-North exchange e.V.” was founded.


The centrepieces of the association are the regional groups. They are in charge of acquiring projects, the volunteers can work in, and host families in their region. They also take care of the volunteers that live and work close to their headquarter. The regional groups are responsible to find new sponsors, to organise events to finance the volunteer programme and to inform the society about the programme and trends in the field of development aid. Temporary tasks like organisation of general meetings, organisation of seminars or the design of flyers are also assigned to the regional groups.

The board of directors has no decision power. They take care of tasks that run over long period of time. The board of directors consist of the financier, one person that takes care of issues concerning the members, two members that are in charge of judicial affairs, on person for internal affairs and one person for external affairs.

The communication committee is an internet platform that fosters the exchange and coordination between the different regional groups.