Our charitable organization arose from its predecessor, “Zugvoegel- Aves de paso, Süd-Nord-Freiwilligenaustausch”, which was founded in March 2011 in Ecuador by a group of German weltwaerts volunteers, in order to arrange voluntary service assignments for Ecuadorians in Germany.

Soon weltwaerts participants volunteering in other countries started demanding reverse programs as well. In July 2011 volunteers founded the organization “Sathisanga. Nepalesisch-deutsches Freiwilligenprogramm” in Nepal. In Ruanda and Uganda similar exchange initiatives came into existence.

In Fall 2011 there was the first of several endeavors to merge the existing groups so as to more efficiently master bureaucratic obstacles through a joint effort; to profit from one another’s experiences; and to jointly plan and mount events.

The successful fusion of the various existing groups came to pass in January 2012 in Berlin, where interested ex-volunteers met and founded the new charitable organization “Zugvoegel, interkultureller Süd-Nord-Austausch”.

The old Zugvoegel organization was disbanded on April 14th, 2012, and its assets were transferred to the new organization, comprised of a majority of the old association’s members.

The new organization is now in charge of caring for volunteers form Ecuador, Nepal and Ruanda. Furthermore is the number of participating people and organisations continously growing. In adddition to the partner organisations in Ecuador, Nepal, Ruanda and Uganda the number of regional groups in Germany grew to 18.